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Getting Started in Podcasting - your Field Guide to Podcast Production, Branding, Technology & Marketing

Southern Soul Livestream strives to encapsulate the vision of bringing people together. By building connections, conversations, and community, we better uplift and encourage individuals. This can be done with your podcast by providing you with access to a network of professionals that are here to guide you in strategy and implementation. You are a producer, a champion for the unheard story and your passion is to uplift those who need it most. We can help you take that next step by helping you choose the best podcast format, establish your own brand and create meaningful conversations with your listeners. Our mission is to serve as your field guide to podcasting, community-building and transformation. Through software & equipment discussions, podcast hosting management, and more we are here for you.


Private Podcasting Coaching Session Getting Started in Podcasting Workbook Included)

Our 1-hour podcast coaching and consulting service is designed to help podcasters at any level take their shows to the next level. With personalized coaching from an experienced podcasting expert, you'll get the guidance you need to improve your content, grow your audience, and increase your impact.

During your 1-hour coaching session, you'll work with our expert to address any questions or challenges you're currently facing with your podcast. We'll help you refine your content strategy, improve your interviewing skills, develop effective marketing tactics, and much more.

Some of the key benefits of our podcast coaching and consulting service include:

Personalized coaching from an experienced podcasting expert
Guidance on developing a successful content strategy
Tips for improving your interviewing skills and guest selection
Advice on marketing and growing your podcast audience
Recommendations for optimizing your podcast production process


SSL Show Companion Planner & Journal 2023

Your voice is important because our mission - to empower through understanding - has never been more vital than it is at this moment. Our work is 100% supported by volunteers, donors, and people exactly like you. Your purchase means so much to us, and we look forward to seeing you during our next Live Episode, in hand, your Southern Soul Companion.


The BIPOC Podcasting Workshop: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating and Launching Your Show

Part 1: Understanding Your Why and Building Your Podcasting Strategy

Part 2: Amplifying Your Voice and Creating Your Marketing Plan

Part 3: Building Awareness and Understanding Your Audience

Part 4: Solving the Problems of Your Audience and Identifying Pain Points

Part 5: Launching Your First Episode, Recording, Post-Production, Publishing, and Getting Past Imposter Syndrome