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March 2, 2022

2 Guys and a Therapist podcast - "What a Guy Really Wants in a Woman"

2 Guys and a Therapist podcast -

This Saturday, New LIVE Show!

2 Guys and a Therapist

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2 Guys and a Therapist dig deep into relationships, emotions, feelings, and even more: In this hangout, two guys take a seat on the couch to "try" to be coached on their relationships, emotions, and insecurities by their very own friend/therapist. Listen in as they use this new role reversal to address social issues and partner with each other to better understand themselves.

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Self-care has never been more important, especially for people in relationships. Couples who engage in self-care rituals together have a stronger bond and say they feel more satisfied with their relationship than couples who don’t have rituals in place. If you are looking to improve your relationship or build one from scratch, check out this special dating edition of 2 Guys and a Therapist!

  • Come join us for a great night of music, conversation, and laughter. We’re bringing together self-care experts and people who care about happy couples!


  • The goal of this night is to have an open, honest, and interactive night that can be applied for the people listening 📣so come prepared to talk🗣!


  • There will also be surprise guests, BYOB, music, and trivia. So, bring your competitive streak and the best attitude.
New Podcast 2 Guys and a Therapist