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Nov. 23, 2022

Black Friday Sale - Podcast - 2023 SSL Show Companion, Planner, & Journal

Black Friday Sale - Podcast - 2023 SSL Show Companion, Planner, & Journal

Introducing the new Southern Soul Community Store! Here you'll find exclusive merch for our community, custom products perfect for gift giving and sharing. Get something for yourself too, we recommend the all new Southern Soul Livestream - Show Companion, 2023 Planner & Journal. We designed this as the ultimate show companion and journal for the deep thinker in all of us. It is packed and filled with inspirational writing prompts, show guides and thematic art. Yes, I said art!

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Dance & Discussion - This Saturday
Dance & Discussion - This Saturday

This Saturday Dance & Discussion! Join us for our first community discussion entitled, Rap, Gangster, Hip- Hop, & Trap Music: The Rise, Fall, and Death of a Community's Musical Inspiration. During this conversation we'll give the mic to the audience. This will be your chance to weigh in, see questions below and Share Your Thoughts!

  • Is it time to let Urban music die like Rock music?

  • Are these music genres (Rap, Gangster, Hip- Hop, & Trap Music) serving or hurting the community?

  • Have the artists become "Culture Vultures" who leveraged their fans for success and then betrayed loyalist?

  • If we let this music die then would part of the culture die?


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