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May 2, 2022

Surprise Mom, Creole Colorism, Not Paved for Us, and Spicy Relationships

Surprise Mom, Creole Colorism, Not Paved for Us, and Spicy Relationships

This week we have a selection of experiences to choose from! Starting on Thursday you can get historic with “Creole Colorism,” and “Not Paved for Us.” Then on Saturday, get social and “Celebrate with Mom,” or get connected with “Spicy Relationships”

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  • 8:00 pm Eastern: Get research and history of Philadelphia public schools with Dr. Camika Royalas she takes us on a journey with “Not Paved for Us: Black Educators and Public School Reform in Philadelphia”

  • 9:00 pm Eastern: Join us for a cultural history discussion with instructor Peter J. Boykin as he takes us on a journey with “Creole Colorism and The History of Melanated Bias”

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  • 1:00 pm Eastern:Moms are Free, so surprise her with an earlyMother’s Day Gift, a virtual wine, women, and wealth education with HERitageWineand EmpowerHERFinancial. A perfect afternoon to treat your mom and offer her an experience she will not forget!

  • 8:30 pm Eastern: Drop-in for our monthly social,Soul Saturdays! We will have music, dance instruction, and social connections. And most importantly: Spicy Relationships and Connected Thoughts withDr. Cherlisa Jackson!

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Not Paved for Us by Dr. Camika Royal chronicles a fifty-year period in Philadelphia public education and offers a critical look at how school reform efforts do and do not transform outcomes for Black students and educators.

Dr. Camika Royal is an urban education expert with more than 20 years of experience. Her work focuses on the intersections of race, politics, history, and urban school reform. She spent seven years as an urban education professional in the public schools of Baltimore City and Washington, D.C., teaching, coaching teachers, and helping to lead a charter high school. In 2006, Dr. Royal returned to her hometown—Philadelphia—and transitioned to higher education, first by teaching pre-service teachers at Lincoln University of Pennsylvania, then for other colleges and universities in the Philadelphia and Baltimore regions, while she continued to coach and support urban school leaders and teacher educators.

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Surprise Mom, This Saturday!

Moms Free!

Celebrate With Mom, Moms Free!

With a virtual wine, food, and wealth education experience!

Join us this Saturday 1 pm Eastern, the day before Mother’s Day, for a virtual wine, women and wealth education event. A perfect afternoon to treat mom and offer her an experience she will not forget. This intimate experience is designed to be fun and educational. Also, we invite you to bring a friend who may want to learn more about wines, food pairing and growing their wealth. We have a fantastic afternoon planned for you, don't miss out!

Thinking of exploring wine and wealth? Join us for this new and intimate experience where you will have the opportunity to meet like-minded people, ask questions, enjoy a glass of wine, and learn while having fun. A wine-food tasting, and networking mixer designed for women and the people who love them. Bring a friend, all invited, Register Here!

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This Saturday is May 7th, Soul Saturdays! Spicy Relationships and Connected Thoughts: when was the last time you and your partner went on an adventure? A Real Adventure! One of the best ways to keep your relationship spicy is experiencing new and exciting things together, including erotic things like kinks.

“I think honesty is probably the best thing. Communicate from the beginning and be flat out honest about what you actually want within somebody you're talking to" - Dr. Cherlisa Jackson

Drop-in Soul Saturday for music, dance, connections, Spicy Relationships, and Connected Thoughts with Dr. Cherlisa Jackson! Register at SoulSaturdays.com

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