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March 7, 2022

Art & Travel Double Feature: "38 Countries" and "Art Caretaking"

Art & Travel Double Feature:

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This week on Southern Soul Livestream - Thursdays, you’ll learn about Stephanie and her upcoming show, Changing Tourism with Stephanie James. Drop-in this Thursday at 8 pm Eastern to learn about how she is changing tourism for people like her!

For Dr. Trina Lynch-Jackson preserving family history through photos has been a passion for her and her family for many years.
However, when she discovered that her late uncle Charles Dean Buggs had specifically asked her to take care of his art collection, she knew it was up to her to do more than just snap some pics.
Join us this Thursday for a special guest spot Preserving Family History - what I learned about caring for the work of Late Uncle Charles Dean Buggs on this edition of Southern Soul Thursdays.
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